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All the benefits of tea matcha in a soap.

Our skin will not be right for us!

On a daily basis, this soap will visibly smooth your skin, cleanse your skin with delicacy and absorb all its benefits.

FKare has designed a soft formula and thanks to its natural properties, the tea SOAP matcha can be used in an abusive manner, without moderation, it will be more beneficial.

Suitable for all the skins that need elasticity and brightness in everyday life, a real care to adopt for a healthy routine and skin healthy.


Use Tips


Can be used:

  • In the morning to illuminate and clean the skin
  • In the evening to remove makeup and smooth the skin. Also before our masks to prepare the skin to receive a care and to accentuate the profits.
  • On moist skin, apply soap by circular motion directly on the skin, bare hand or with FKare face glove
  • Rinse with pure water

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Tea Soap Composition Matcha:



Tea Powder Matcha

Rose Essential Oil

Shea butter

Sweet Almond Oil


Stearic acid

Cold saponified

Weight 112 g


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